Re-post: What do spiritual truths and kitchen gloves have in common?

It is sometimes so hard to share with our children spiritual truths. Especially our younger children (mostly, under 9). We’ll read the bible together as a family, and they’re just not engaged. The older ones can at least pay a little attention and understand for the most part what we’re reading. However, the younger ones have a harder time for sure.


The other day, however, I had a bit of an epiphany. I needed to explain a difficult concept to our 7 year old. We (as in the church and at home) speak so much about having Jesus as LORD and how we can have Him in our hearts. But that didn’t really seem to stick. Our child needed a better explanation.

I was doing dishes with my kitchen gloves on the day we were talking about this, and I was thinking to myself how much I love my gloves (seriously, they’re great! A God-send to my extremely dry hands). And that’s when I realized that my gloves are just as awesome if they’re off my hands. Nothing has changed about the gloves. But when they’re on my hands, they’re a lot more useful. In fact, they’re a huge blessing.

Which brought me to realize something that I was able to share with our child. We can be incredibly talented and gifted on our own. God’s creation is amazing and beautiful. However, if we don’t have Christ in our life, we’re sort of like a glove hanging on the edge of a sink. Not very useful, whether or not we realize it.

But when we allow Christ to be not only our Savior but our LORD, He is able to live inside of us and direct us. That’s like someone putting their hand in the glove and using it for its intended purpose. Again, the glove (and/or the person) may be great independent of the “hand” being in it or not. But when we accept Christ’s offer of salvation and allow Him to lead and fill our lives, we can actually be used for His glory and our good.

The most important difference in our lives

It’s so important to realize that whoever we are, whether we are incredibly bright and well-spoken or we are weak and quiet, it really doesn’t matter. When the LORD is in our life, that is the key difference.

I recently was listening to a podcast that my husband had told me about called, “Compelled,” which highlights different people’s incredible stories of coming to Christ. One of the more recent podcasts was about Edgar Pacheco, Jr.. What an incredible young man! Born without limbs (similar to the popular speaker, Nick VujicicNo Arms, No Legs, No Problem), he is being used by God in amazing ways. He was able to create and help pass legislation for people with disabilities, as well as intern for Texas Congressman Pete Olson (now retired). And he’s just 21 years old!

There are many able-bodied people who haven’t accomplished half as much at the same age. But despite the daily challenges he faces, he knows he can do what he’s been called to do because he knows the God he serves. Pacheco also realizes that thankfully, the LORD equips those He calls.

His faith is convicting and sobering. And Pacheco does it all with a beautiful smile on his face, confidently moving forward toward his next goal. He has all he needs.

I love learning about people’s journey of faith! It’s so encouraging to see how the LORD uses ordinary (and not-so-ordinary) people to do amazing things! All sorts of “gloves” but the same steadfast hand. Check out the many inspiring Christian biographies we have!

It really is true that the LORD can use whoever He wants in whatever way He wants, when we allow Him to. All for His glory and our good. Amen?

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