How we’re surviving C0VID, again

Seriously, again??

For those of you who know our family, you may be scratching your head a bit, trying to figure out why we’re having to go through this AGAIN. However, the first time C0VID graced our family, only 3 of us turned out positive. As of right now, 5 of us have had positive tests and we’re waiting on another 3 that potentially have come down with it since the first couple rounds of testing. We’re dropping like flies! It’s been slightly crazy, as you can imagine.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how this has affected our family. The first time around, our kids lost out on all end of year activities. Luckily, because it was almost summer and we have incredible neighbors, we were all fine and even had access to a pool. So although it stunk to high heaven, it was fine. All the kids were happy. The other thing was that the family members who tested positive were barely sick. We would not have even thought to test if it wasn’t for the fact that our oldest had to test in order to go to her job over the summer. Obviously, she was positive and then we found out the others who were asymptomatic were positive too.

Dejavu, sort of

This time around is definitely a different story. All things homecoming have sadly been thrown out the window. Even senior night for our second oldest (who is a senior) is something he can’t attend. And this time, the v1rus definitely seems to be stronger, affecting all who have it much more aggressively. Although I have to say, it’s all completely manageable. I’m exhausted, but have still been able to go on my runs in the morning. Granted, I’m a little slower and lots more tired than I normally am at the end of a run, but I’m fine.

Now to be fair, we have known many that have been completely knocked on their behind when they contracted C0VID. Obviously there are those who have tragically succumbed to this – the data bears witness to that. But I have been wondering what is the difference between those that have really been affected and those that seem to be fine.

There is so much data out there for those who are willing to look for it. Obviously those that are older or have an underlying condition, they seem to generally be at greater risk (thankfully, there are incredible therapeutics that are now available that are more than effective).

So what’s the difference?

But that’s not my point right now. As I was thinking about how we have thankfully come away from this for the most part, unscathed, the thought came to me about a Runner’s World article that I had read years and years ago. I used to love reading that magazine, just for inspiration when my husband and I were immersed in long distance running (BK – Before Kids).

The article I had read was about a woman who was in a horrible car accident. The woman had survived the accident, but her dedication to running was a huge part of the reason why she was still alive. Her body was strong and healthy before the accident, and the doctors told her that was key to her being still alive.

There are some things we can’t control. That accident was something that was completely out of the hands of that runner all those years ago. C0VID was something that was completely out of our hands to control this past week. Life happens. But we can really pad our odds of doing well when something difficult happens if we choose to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Living intentionally

I’m not going to sit here and say that we do this perfectly – we don’t. For example, we have Flamin’ Hot Cheetos always on hand for my kids because they love them. However, we limit how often and how much they can have. We limit the amount of processed foods we eat. All the kids are in sports of some kind.

It’s not that we must live perfect lifestyles (who does?), but what are our habits? Are we making “mostly” wise decisions about our physical well being, such as eating and exercising? Or are we doing whatever comes easy and not really thinking about it? The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve realized how important it is to live intentionally. Whether that’s with our walk with God, our marriage, or our chosen career – things generally don’t just “happen.” And right now, we need to be intentionally making decisions to improve our health naturally, if at all possible.

Like I mentioned earlier, life will happen, one way or the other. If not this v1rus, another will come along and cause havoc again in the future. Our best defense is not at the end of a needle, but in those every day, mundane decisions we make as we steward our bodies. It’s not complicated, but it takes an attitude of daily sacrifice to not always do what feels good, but to do what’s right (at least, that’s what it is for me!).

All for His glory, and our good. Amen?

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