Even more books for MHM!!

I am so excited to share that this weekend, I was able to upload over 100 BOOKS to the MHM booklist! The books are spread throughout every category (i.e. all of elementary or PK – 5th grade), and now there are even books for 5th – 8th grade!

Each book that was added to our booklist has a high rating and lots of positive reviews. And wherever possible, the Lexile number for the book was included. This is a new addition that may be very helpful for some kids who use the Lexile numbering system at school!

And there’s more! There are also tags included for some of the books in order to be able to find books that you may be specifically interested in, such as Lexile numbered books, Historical Fiction, Christian Biographies, or History.

Check it out! So many incredible books for your kids that help to teach them foundational truths about our history and faith, as well as fascinating biographies, mysteries, and everything in between. Overall, these are quality, entertaining reads your kids will be so excited you introduced them to!

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