First book review of the year: “Charles Carroll and the American Revolution”

I again asked my 13 year old to read a book for me that normally she would not pick up on her own. However, as many parents can I’m sure relate to, I really wanted her (and all of my children) to have a better understanding of our history. I was unfamiliar with who Charles Carroll was. However, since she read the book and explained it to me, I now understand why his name should be one that we remember.

Providence is evident throughout the founding of this nation. But it’s fascinating to find out about who He used and how they played a role in establishing the United States.

Here is the book review, written by my daughter:

Charles Carroll and the American Revolution” was a very good book. The beginning immediately hooked me in and made it hard to put the book down. I thought it was really cool to read about how Charles Carroll, who I have never even heard of before I read this book, actually had a major influence in the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution.

Charles Carroll was the richest man in America, but he was also Catholic. He was greatly opposed to the King of England’s tax laws, and all of the other laws the King had imposed, yet he could not speak out against them, because then the King’s men might take it out on all American Catholics. Charles was very upset about all of this, but he had to be able to contain himself. All of Charles friends were patriots, and they always kept him informed on what was happening.

At one point, Governor Eden, the governor of Maryland, got rid of the legislature and then issued a proclamation announcing that the salaries would stay very high, instead of lowering them like the Patriots had asked. People from everywhere started fuming at this. They were so upset because the Governor was not allowed to make and pass laws all on his own. People called it “high-handed-tyranny” for many years.

But then, one day, an old enemy of Charles names Daniel Dulany, wrote a newspaper article about this problem. He made a character called, “First Citizen” who was a Patriot, and a “Second Citizen” who was a Tory, and in favor of Governor Eden’s proclamation. Unfortunately, he wrote in favor of the Governor’s proclamation. He made the Patriots sound stupid and the Tories sound very smart. Everyone was very surprised at this, and the Patriots realized that they must respond. The only problem was that they didn’t know who should write the article.

This was when Charles knew it was his turn to act. He wrote a very persuasive article that responded to the argument. Everyone was in shock, but most people were happy with Charles and that he finally decided it was time for him to act. He convinced a lot of people to become a Patriot, and that what the Governor did was wrong. After this happened, the Declaration of Independence was written, which Charles Carroll signed, and they went to war against England.

The Americans were not doing very well and only had one victory in the war recorded, the battle in Saratoga. This battle was lead by a different general, and that made everyone want him to lead rather than George Washington. But Charles was able to convince the Patriots otherwise. Shortly after that battle, George Washington lead the Patriots to victory. Unfortunately, after the war, his wife passed away and since his children were grown, he felt alone and isolated. Charles Carroll died on November 14, 1832, when he was 96.

Overall, I think this was an excellent book and I highly recommend it. I learned a lot about the American Revolution and it was really interesting to read.

I hope you read it as well! Check it out, as well as other historical fiction books available at MHM!

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