Movie review for Nefarious!

This movie, Nefarious, has been HIGHLY anticipated in our home. It is essentially a mash-up of C.S. Lewis’s “The Screwtape Letters” and the movie, “The Exorcist.” Unfortunately, I was not able to go to the movie since someone had to stay on the home front and take care of the kids. (:= The only showings in our area were at least 30 minutes away, and it didn’t make sense for both my husband and I to go.

So instead, my husband and 16 year old son went, and as expected, they both really liked it. It isn’t one of those movies that you’re gushing over at the end. Rather, it’s a movie that leaves you silent, and thinking. I can’t WAIT to watch this movie, but I was so thankful that especially our 16 year old went to go see it.

He graciously agreed to writing a post for me about the movie, so here it is! It’s one of his best posts so far, to be sure. (:= Seems like it had a strong impact on him. I would HIGHLY recommend HS and up to go watch this movie! And even some more mature Middle Schoolers. Don’t let the R rating scare you off – there’s no blood, gore, or language. Bring your church friends, bring your unbelieving friends. I think they will all enjoy it!

And FULL DISCLOSURE – there are some spoilers in the review below! Sorry about that!

And to take a peak at the trailer, click HERE!

Nefarious Analysis

The Movie Nefarious is based on a serial killer who claims to be a demon possessed man. A psychiatrist is hired to see whether or not the man is insane in the head therefore whether or not it is lawful to execute him. During the interview, The Demon possessed man (who calls himself Nefarious) is attempting to make the psychiatrist, (James) who is an atheist, believe in the demon’s power and ability to control the body that he takes a hold of. Nefarious wants James to write the story of Nefarious and the rest of the demons that are inside of the man’s body with Nefarious.

Eventually, the demons predict that James will have committed three murders by the time that he leaves the jail cell. The murders are not as James thinks, they are all three things that he doesn’t consider to be murderers in his life. The murders are his mother (he assisted her suicide to help her ease the pain), his unborn child (an abortion which he supported his girlfriend through), and Nefarious (although he was a demon possessed man, the man himself had no control over his actions. Saying that he wasn’t insane was murdering the man the demon possessed).

Through the movie, the demon’s main motive is to convince James that he is really a demon. He explains the origin of demons, their fears and the ways that they are ruling the world. He explains the rights and wrongs and every sin that they entice men to do. Although the movie is advertised as a typical horror movie, the Christian characteristics shine through. I was expecting to be scared to death by a demon killing other inmates but instead, I was forced to think and analyze what the demon said and I realized the importance of all the words that the demon would say. He forced me to think about the different sins that are committed on a daily basis that you wouldn’t typically consider to be a sin.

I was intrigued by the line of thinking the demon followed and realized that he believed the best way to gain control of the Earth for his master (Satan) was to allow humans to fall deeper and deeper into sin without them realizing. Thinking about our current society made me realize just how deep humans have fallen into sin and just how much of a grip that the enemy has on our world. He is able to convince us and lie to us and make us feel comfortable and happy with the way that we are in life. However, complacency is the greatest tool of the enemy and the movie “Nefarious” allowed me to see through different lies that people believe are okay when in reality are sinful.

Leaving the theater had me thinking about the different “truths” that I had grown to believe and made me want to think for myself about the REAL truths that God has laid out for us in His word instead of the truths laid out for us by the world. 


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