Easter Monday and beyond!

I’ve been thinking a lot about Easter this past week, for obvious reasons. I can’t imagine the awe that was struck in the hearts and minds of those who saw Christ that Easter morning. It would have been amazing to have actually seen Him. Scary and incredible, all at the same time.

But then I started thinking about Easter Monday, and the time AFTER the resurrection. Actually, we obviously continue to live in that time of life after that incredible day. But what does that look like?

Assuming that as Believers, we all know and acknowledge what was done over those three days between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, how does that affect our lives TODAY? Are we all living in a way that tells the world that we live our lives as if Jesus is not only our Savior but our LORD? Are we boldly making disciples and living counter-cultural lives to the glory of God?

Essentially, how in the world do we live out the Truth of Christ’s gift to us in a God-honoring way, consistently every single day?

What’s it look like?

I believe how that manifests itself can definitely look different in every individual, but there should clearly also be a lot of similarities which tie the body of Christ together. In the culture we live in today, especially, we must all leave the fragrance of Christ in every person’s life we interact with. Granted, to some we’ll be more of an odor or a stench, but still – Jesus above all is Who we’re trying to please, no matter the consequences or how it’s received.

Be kind!

It seems as if these days, kindness has become the focus. We can forget or minimize our call to obedience and holiness, as Christ has called us to be (1 Peter 1:16). The two are not mutually exclusive. However, the receiver of our message may not feel the same way. But again, that is not a factor we should exclusively be considering – we’re here to love and honor Him above all else, living out Truth based on Scripture.

That may mean standing for an unpopular truth based on God’s Word, such as a man is a man or a woman is a woman. Or the even more offensive Truth – that we are sinful and depraved. However, God provided a way to be forgiven through Christ! He died so that those who choose to repent can have redemption, and can live with Him in eternity. And that He is the ONLY way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6).

These are offensive words to some, but Truth, nonetheless.

Holy Spirit

Going back to shortly before the resurrection, the depth of fear the disciples must have had would have been palpable on that Saturday. But the incredible courage that was shown by each one of those men just a few weeks later after that first Easter Sunday, can only be explained by the Holy Spirit that dwelled within them. The Holy Spirit helped the disciples to emulate their new lives in Christ. They were able to not only talk about, but live lives of repentance and submission to Jesus Christ because of Who He is and what He did.

And it made me think – do I live that way? I also have the Holy Spirit. So am I consistently aligning myself to the Truth of Scripture, with courage and truth? Is my life a reflection of repentance and submission to Christ? No matter the cost? No one likes to have people angry at them. But who are we trying to please? I’d have to argue we are to please and bring joy to BOTH Christ and man. However, when they are in conflict, Christ and His Word should trump man every time. But is that what I consistently do?

Getting it straight

It’s easy to get it mixed up. I’ve done it lots in hindsight, if I’m being honest. And wow, is it easier to just go along to get along. But as so many people who have come before us have done, we must choose to live courageous lives that honor God. Martin Luther could have easily remained quiet, but he didn’t. Instead, he challenged the people in power in the Church, and spoke Truth based on Scripture. They cut off John the Baptist’s head since he chose to hold the king accountable (Mark 6:14 – 29). Dietrich Bonhoeffer refused to allow the persecution of the Jews to continue, and willingly sacrificed his own life so that he would do what’s right instead of what came easy.

And that’s just three examples.

Not easy, but right

The life of the Christian is not an easy one. It is not popular or glamorous. But it is good and right. The LORD has called each one of us to such a time as this. Many will acknowledge what is the right thing to do, but few will actually speak up. I pray we live as the disciples did 2,000 years ago and how so many of His followers have done since then – with courage, conviction and clarity, by the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.

LORD Jesus, give us the wisdom to know when to speak and what to say to the glory of God. May we live as the disciples did after Easter, focused on being the salt and light the LORD has called us all to be.

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