The Inevitable End Goal of Feminism – Complete Equality

Exactly what we asked for

I’m really not sure why any of us are surprised. This was the inevitable end goal, wasn’t it? The Feminist cry was to empower women to be equal to men in every way. Persuade us all to believe that men and women are essentially the same and interchangeable. So guess what? We got what we asked for. Many of us are dumbfounded that we have allowed this to go so far, where, for example, confused biological men can be not only in women’s sports, but in women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers. And yet, here we are.


One way we were told we could have equality was to have autonomy over our bodies. Therefore we allowed for and embraced abortion, to level the playing field. That makes sense, doesn’t it? If we can have autonomy over our own bodies, we can be just like a man. We can have sex with no commitments, no ties, no obligations, and with no consequences since, no baby! That’s empowerment and independence from the patriarchy. Feminists declared this should make us happier and more satisfied!

We were also told all we need is an opportunity to do the same things as a man which will further assert our position as equals. Back when G.I. Jane was released (forever ago – 1997!), we loved Demi Moore all the more for it. She was just as strong, just as tough as all those men. Except, of course, she wasn’t. Her bones would never really be as strong as a man’s. Her muscles would never really be as large as a man’s. The oxygen absorption into her bloodstream, which helps with speed, would never really be the same as a man’s. But those are just details, right? Hollywood is great at glossing over details.

Over the years, feminists continually beat the equality drum, announcing there was no difference between a man and a woman. If this was really true, then it would also hold that men should be allowed to participate in the things that were traditionally limited to women. For example, if a woman can play football and wrestle on a men’s team, why can’t a man who identifies as a woman be allowed to compete with biological women on a women’s team? Weren’t we told we’re all the same? If we as women can step into a man’s world, why shouldn’t some men be allowed to step into a women’s world the way that they have? Why does it matter?

Equal in value, but vastly different

Maybe it matters because of biological facts as well as biblical truths. It matters because our Creator designed us to be different. Instead of trying to make everyone equal, we should be embracing what makes us unique. Perhaps rather than ignoring or minimizing the vast differences between men and women, we can celebrate them.

The natural world has examples of this design and purpose everywhere you look. Take for example lions, to further prove the point. A lioness is the one who hunts. She’s fast and agile. The lion is the one who protects. Is one more important than the other? Absolutely not. They’re both essential in the wild. They both serve a purpose. They both serve their families in a unique way. One does not diminish the importance of the other. In fact, they complement each other. There’s synergy in their relationship. A lot like between a man and a woman.

God’s original design

Why in the world can’t we do the same? I’m not arguing that there’s no overlap between the roles of men and women. Of course, there can be. However, the further away we step from the original purposes and designs of God, the more potential there is for sin and pain to enter and ultimately destroy us.

We must recognize that women are not the same as men. This is not only a biological fact, but a foundational biblical principle (Genesis 5). It goes without saying. It’s obvious and undeniable for the great majority of the population. God did not make us to be the same. That was His design. We must hold the line against the insanity of treating those who identify as women but who are biologically male to be treated as if they are female. Because they aren’t. And they never will be.

This pandora’s box we are in the process of opening is only going to sweep away all of the progress women have been able to make over the years, especially with respect to women’s sports. And that’s not even addressing the very real and scary reality of men and boys potentially being in bathrooms and locker rooms with our girls. This is madness.

Our girls deserve better than this. Our boys deserve better than this.

The biggest part of the problem

Feminism has been part of the problem to be sure, but it’s not the biggest part of the problem. The Church’s disobedience to unabashedly stand on Scripture is the biggest part of the problem. And when I say Church, I include myself. If the Church had half the zeal and conviction that feminists and secularists have had about the causes they champion, this would have never crept into our culture the way it has.

At this point, there’s only one thing to do. Repent and beg God to make a way to change or reverse some of the laws and mandates that have recently been put in place. We must be unified as we speak Biblical Truth, and we must be “bold and courageous” as we hold the cultural line, just as Joshua was when conquering the land of Israel. We have no other alternative.


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  1. Nancy Lazer 3 years ago

    Well said! I totally agree.

    • Author
      Michelle Lazor 3 years ago

      Thanks Nancy!!

  2. barbara granholm 3 years ago

    Excellent very well stated. Sadly I do believe the church has let us done while Satan was distracting us with other things.

    • Author
      Michelle Lazor 3 years ago

      Thanks Barbara! I agree with you. If Satan can’t tempt us, he distracts us. We need to pray for the Church to have strength.

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