Use what you have, and more coffee, please!

Coffee mug found on Amazon (By: CELYCASY)

So the other morning was a bit of a doozy for me. Since we were having some guests over for dinner that night, I figured it was a good time to do the dessert so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it in the afternoon, when I’m getting dinner ready. So there I was, making Ina Garten’s yummy Cranberry Apple Cake, when I got a phone call that said, “No I.D.” I never answer those, so I didn’t even think about it. But for whatever reason, right before I was going to put my batter into the baking pan, I saw that I had a voice message from said “No I.D.” person, which never happens, so I checked what the message was.

The first thing I read was something about a doctor’s appointment. My immediate thought was, POO!!! The realization that I completely forgot about my daughter’s doctor’s appointment flashed through my brain. How in the world did I forget that?? UGH. So I quickly called them back, profusely apologized, and figured I’d have to reschedule an appointment (which is such a pain with littles tagging along who can be extra especially grumpy depending on the time of day it is). Amazingly, they had an appointment in about 45 minutes. Could I make it? Of course, I said yes and quickly dialed my daughter’s school.

So in my frazzled explanation, I say hi to the school secretary and quickly tell her that I missed my daughter’s doctor’s appointment, but I was able to schedule another one, but I needed her in around 10 minutes. The secretary said, “Of course! Who’s her teacher?” For a second, I was like, “Wait. Who IS her teacher? Wow, I need more coffee.” And then I realized: Oh. My. Word. WRONG SCHOOL.

Now more apologizing, nervous laughter, and then I get on the horn to call the correct number for the middle school. I know that secretary very well, so after I explained everything that happened, I’m happy to report I provided a much-needed giggle for her. And yes, she’d be able to have my daughter ready to go as soon as I needed her.

Right after I got off the phone, I got my cake batter in the fridge, got the twins out of bed from their pseudo nap (i.e. pretend morning nap) and into their coats and shoes, got my 4-year-old ready, and then off we went to the middle school. LORD have mercy. I got to the appointment just a touch early too! Well, late but early. Whatever.

I share this story with you all to help you guys avoid my annoying morning adventure. You know how to do that? You and I don’t need a personal secretary (although sometimes, I think it would be super awesome if I had one!). Just use your google calendar. Which, I’ll have you know, I DID use but forgot to check it. That’s the kicker. We all have things at the tip of our fingers that we can use to help us, but the thing is, they can’t help us if we don’t use or check them. Case in point – my calendar. But this extends to so many areas of our life, right? And of course, it can apply to both little things (like an appointment on your calendar) and big things. Want to stop spending so much time on FB every day? Use a simple timer and don’t let yourself stay on after it goes off. Not sure if you should stay in your current job or go across the country to another? Have you checked out God’s Word (which is accessible in about 10,000 different apps on your phone) and prayed about it? Easy, simple and costs us NOTHING!

Using what we have been given can help so much because as Believers, we can trust that the LORD has provided all we need, to do all we’ve been called to do.

Walk boldly in truth people! Use what you’ve been given because that’s all you really need. Including a calendar. Next time, I’ll have to remember to actually check the thing in the morning. Right after I have my coffee.

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