Introducing Mud Hen Mama books for Christian Schools and families!

Have you ever wondered if there is any other option besides Scholastic Books for your children’s school? When I’ve looked at their selection of books, I always think of a food analogy. The books are the equivalent of treats or dessert (or worse, unfortunately). They taste good, but are not full of any real nutrition. If you feed your body with only treats, you’ll be incredibly malnourished. And that goes the same with our minds. Having treats or desserts is not always a bad thing, but that shouldn’t be the bulk of what our children’s minds are being fed by. They need something more substantial than that.

I homeschooled our children a few years ago, and through the process of researching curriculum, I found so many wonderful books that I had never heard of before. My children really enjoyed these books, and I loved that they were reading and learning so much about everything from science to history (including church history). These books were not only entertaining, but had depth, and helped to demonstrate many of the character traits and biblical values we were (and are!) instilling in our children. When our children went back to school, I realized many of these books weren’t being read by students because they hadn’t heard of them.

To continue my food analogy, these books I found were the meat and potatoes that children desperately needed, especially now. The Bible is the equivalent of water. If we don’t drink it, we die extremely quickly. But these books provide the equivalent of other nourishment that is essential to raise strong and godly children who are centered on Truth.

And they’re not only nutritious for kids’ minds, but they’re fun and interesting! From church history to character building stories, most have been vetted by my own finicky children, and they’ve all really enjoyed them.

So if you’re looking for an alternative to secular bookfairs, check out Mud Hen Mama books! And bonus! We know that many of you would rather shop at businesses that share or at least support our convictions as traditional Believers in Christ. So we’ve made an intentional effort to select as many publishers as possible that not only have a good selection of character building books, but also support a biblical worldview!

I think that would be called a win-win-win.

If your school is interested in having an online bookfair with Mud Hen Mama, please contact us at!

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