Injustice, unfairness, and God's Truth.

The other day I was talking with a friend of mine about a book we were reading together for a book club, and we got off-topic. So not surprising! We have great intentions, but we always seem to go on rabbit trails for one reason or the other. She was telling me about her mother who was now visiting her from Eastern Europe. She had come to visit several months ago as well, and they had needed to take her to the doctor because they had found out she had cancer. Unfortunately, she didn’t have any insurance in the States (obviously) so it was difficult to find anyone who would treat her back then, but miraculously by God’s grace, she was able to get some help. I hadn’t known all of the circumstances, but apparently she had a type of cancer that, if only it had been treated early, was very curable (basal cell cancer). However, since she was older when she was diagnosed and didn’t have much money, the doctors she went to in her home country didn’t treat her appropriately. On purpose. Or actually, the lack thereof. She was apparently too old and not really worth their time.

I was so shocked. The injustice of it was mind-boggling to me. I had been struggling with some perceived injustices in my own life and at that moment felt an even deeper sense of the injustices of this world. It brought to mind Revelations 6:10, when the saints are calling out to Jesus for justice. It just made my heart hurt for her mother and I felt even more validated when I thought about my own struggles. I was starting to only see red.

I shared with her that part in Revelations, thinking she would heartily agree and say something like, “YES! Come, LORD Jesus!” But she said something that I don’t think I’ll ever forget, and I’m paraphrasing: “We need to focus on the miracles that the LORD allows, though. Not only the injustices against us.” So profound. I was solely concentrating on the injustice and I failed to even think about some of the miracles that the LORD allowed to happen in the midst of it all.

Although her mother has cancer that is very advanced, she has come to know the LORD, and is learning about Jesus with her amazing daughter, who’s only wish is that her mother would willingly pray for her. How beautiful is that? As I mentioned before, there were miracles of cancer treatments for her mother that never should have really “happened.” She’s also been able to come to the United States and spend time with her grandchildren.

God’s grace through it all. In this broken world, things happen. Hard things happen. Unfair things happen. Ugly things happen. But in the midst of it all, we can see the hand of God wiping away our tears when we make the effort to notice. I was reminded that if we choose to focus only on the injustices of this world, our hearts will become hardened. Not that we should completely ignore injustice, but we shouldn’t stay there either. We do what we can, striving to right the wrongs and speak up for the vulnerable and marginalized, while also continuing to look to Jesus for the little miracles of grace, hope, and love that He gives us.

This reminds me of Corrie Ten Boom’s book, “The Hiding Place.” That woman was amazing, but her sister Betsy was even more so. She endured terrible injustices towards the end of her life but she wouldn’t waver being salt and light even in the darkest of places. Why? Because she knew she was loved by Jesus and trusted in His sovereignty even when she didn’t understand. She stood for what was right, despite the consequences. She chose not to ignore the injustice that she saw being committed against the Jews, people who weren’t even considered “humans” by the Nazis, and she did what she could, knowing that it could cost her her life. Which it did. What courage! So incredible. But she did it all without an ounce of bitterness. As the Scriptures command, she gave thanks in ALL circumstances. She continued to be kind in the face of hate. She died to herself and lived for Christ until the very end of her life.

What happened to Betsy was so unfair. What happened to my friend’s mother was so unjust. I wish I understood why there is so much pain and suffering in our world, but when I see such beauty rise up from ashes, it gives me so much strength to continue to walk in biblical Truth and Love, despite what circumstances may look like.

I love how God places reminders in our lives to keep our eyes on Him. He is good. He is worthy. I pray that as Believers in Christ, we may all walk boldly and courageously against the injustices of this world in light of Scripture, and choose to see the miracles of light in the midst of it. Amen?

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