Book review for: The WingFeather Saga, Book 1

This week, our 11 year old daughter wrote up a short review on the first book in The Wingfeather Saga! She loves these books so much! If you have a child who would love reading an adventure series, definitely check out these out!


I love the WingFeather Saga series. In the first book, On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, there were three kids living in a town called Glipwood. The oldest of the three kids name is Janner, the next oldest is also a boy and his name is Tink, and finally the youngest child’s name is Leeli, but she was sadly crippled, and could only walk using crutches. In this town, there were a lot of Fangs. The fangs were lizard-like creatures. They also realized that Gnag the Nameless wanted them dead because they were the last of the Shining Isle, or the Jewels of Anneria. The Shining Isle is a place where their grandfather is from and where their mother is from. It is across the Dark Sea of Darkness, but it was burned by Gnag the Nameless. Nobody knew what Gnag the Nameless was. If he was a Fang or if he was just a person, he controlled the fangs and he was the one who had led the fangs to their home. Now the children must flee to the safety of the Ice Prairies while running away from Gnags army.

I think that this book has a lot about God. They are always putting their faith in God. For example the one time Fangs and trolls were chasing them and they were just seeing that they were chasing them and then their grandfather said ‘Maker help Us’. In this book they always come out safe in the end. I think it is saying when you put your faith in God, anything is possible.

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