The great unmasking

I had an epiphany the other morning on my run. I had recently finished listening to a news briefing given by a couple of Bakersfield, CA doctors about the coronavirus. It was a long briefing, but well worth the listen. The long and short of it is that based on the scientific data that’s out there, we can start opening up the economy (really). Of course, with caution and more testing, one step at a time (depending on where in the US), but we need to start taking those steps. For more precise information, reasoning, etc, please give the above link a listen. It’s really very informative. In any case, the doctors were both saying how they don’t have masks on because they know all about immunology and since they are healthy with no underlying conditions, they don’t need to wear a mask. If anything, they SHOULDN’T wear a mask because it’s inhibiting their immune system from functioning the way it should.

Interesting, huh? So here’s my epiphany. I was thinking to myself how everyone around us is scared. I’m not sure anyone knows who to believe anymore, but it seems as if a lot of people are listening to mainstream media and are terrified about going out because we may die or cause someone else that we care about to die. So we need to continue to shelter in place. And if we DO go outside, we must wear a mask, and it’s even better if we put some gloves on. However, according to the data that we currently have, assuming you are healthy and relatively young, you don’t need to wear a mask or gloves. This is not based on anyone’s opinion, but based on the data. On verifiable facts. And this reminded me of the Resurrection. Now bear with me here, people. Stay with me!

No one gets through this life unscathed by something. Whether it’s our health or a broken heart or a lost job or whatever – at one point or another, we come to the end of ourselves. And we’re scared. Many of us won’t admit that’s what’s wrong, but whether we face it or not, that’s what it boils down to. “What’s the point of this life?” “Why are we here?” “Life stinks.” So we put on our face mask and move on with life. That’s what everyone else does, so we should too. It can protect us from getting further hurt. These masks can take on many different forms. It can be our FB mask, where we show everyone how amazing we are and how incredible our family is. We post only carefully thought through pictures that always make us look good and show how we have our stuff together, thank you very much. Or our “keep-your-distance-not-just-physical” mask because we trust no one. We can all be a part of your life, but it only goes so far. Then there’s this impenetrable wall we hit and that’s it. No more. Or our achievement mask to prove we are worthy and that we are providing something of value to the people around us. They make us feel safe. Protected. Important. Needed. They validate who we are and give us a sense of worth and an identity we can depend on.

The thing is, we don’t need them. Jesus came to rip off our masks and provide our validation and our identity in Him. So here’s where my analogy breaks down because we ALL can be without the masks of our own creation, but right now if we’re immunocompromised in any way, I think we’d be wise to wear a mask! But back to Jesus – the verifiable facts are Christ lived, Christ died and Christ rose again. Everything in the bible and in history points to these facts. He did this to die in our place for our sins, our mistakes, our bad choices. Research it for yourself. The evidence is there. We can choose to ignore the evidence and reach for our mask and try to get through life our own way, since, you know, “I’m enough.” Right? Or we can choose to not live in fear, or shame, or pride. And we can think. We can critically analyze the evidence. And we can be set free from the things that bind us (or mask us) when we go to Him with the Truth that He tells us in His Word.

Now I can keep this all to myself. I can continue to walk around with a mask even though I know the Truth, and just go along with the crowd not wanting to stand out. No one’s going to listen anyway, so what’s the point?

Or I can tell you about the freedom you can have in Christ. I can walk in freedom myself, knowing that I am redeemed. Some may never be ready to take their masks off. They’re too comfortable. Too cozy. They make us feel as if we’re in control. Some may even get angry at us for telling them something they don’t want to hear. They can make their own decisions. There are some things out there that can seriously harm us! We need those masks, so STEP OFF! Mind your own business.

But some will listen. Some will think. They will look into the veracity of the cross. They will seek out Truth. And when they do, Christ will meet them where they are. Always.

So it’s all of our responsibilities who know the Truth to tell everyone about It so that whoever chooses to walk in repentance and embrace Jesus, our Lord and Savior and remover of all masks, can be set free.

Now you know. Now you don’t have an excuse. Now I don’t have an excuse. Facts are facts! I pray you walk in freedom!

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