Is it me, or have we lost our minds?

What is going on?

I think our society has collectively lost its mind. At least, the intellectual elites and pop culture have lost their minds, and that prospect is just as scary, if not even scarier. Our leaders are steering our country into extremely dangerous cultural waters. We have Rachel Levine, who is currently the HHS assistant secretary nominee, who insists that gender can be changed, and should be if the person feels it’s what they want to do. And it should be allowed even in very young children. Which makes sense, considering this medical doctor himself rejected his own gender at birth, asserting his gender as now female despite clearly resembling a man with long, blond hair.

We also have Demi Lovato, who recently exclaimed Gender Reveal parties are harmful and transphobic. Girls may have penises and boys can have vaginas.

Wait, what?

Legislating craziness

I wish I were exaggerating the situation. But this is the reality we live in. For yet another example, look up the Equality Act for yourself. This is legislating the madness and if you don’t agree for whatever reason, you can be prosecuted. No religious exemptions. I’m still not sure what has happened to the First Amendment, but I guess it’s been thrown right out the window with this bill. All it needs is to pass through the Senate. It’s already passed the House. Biden is sure to sign it into law if it gets through the Senate. Truly unbelievable.

Just think, this will allow for men to be in women’s bathrooms. Boys will be allowed in girls’ locker rooms. And these men or boys don’t need to look like women or girls, they just need to “feel” as if they’re a woman or girl.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Trans-dermal anyone? Trans-age?

As I was thinking about this upside-down world we are living in, I thought to myself, “Why hasn’t anyone declared themselves to be trans-dermal?” I’m certain there are many people who are not comfortable in their skin and resonate with another people group than the one they were born into, judging from their skin color. Why can’t there be those that identify as black even though they may have been born with white skin? They can color their skin, right? Or what about those who are born black, but identify more with the Asian culture. Can’t they pull a Michael Jackson and bleach their skin?

Sound crazy? Not any crazier than being transsexual. It’s the same exact level of insanity. Or what about trans-age? I’m certain that many can relate to being 25 (or am I the only one?). What’s the problem if someone writes down a different age if he/she feels a different age?


And we can go on and on. Our feelings can change. In fact, they often do as we all well know. But things such as our gender, or skin color, or age are a few of those things that are biological facts that can’t be changed. No matter how hard we try or how much we wish, it’s not possible. Not really anyway.

To be fair, many have tried. And there are definitely those that are able to successfully deceive others of their true identity. But facts are stubborn things. As Allie Stuckey has said several times, they’re kind of like a balloon you try and push under the water. You can get it down for a second, only to have it pop up out of the water in a different spot. It will not obediently stay down under the water where you want it.

What’s the loving thing to do?

Our culture should not pander to the fantasies of the transgender community (or trans-dermal or trans-age). Should we accept them? Absolutely. No matter who they are, they are made in the image of God. However, we should never lie to them or anyone else for that matter. And by acquiescing on this topic, we are silently agreeing to the lie. That’s not loving. That is hateful.

This topic may seem to be one of those things that shouldn’t affect those of us in Christian bubbles. Except it will. Especially as Believers in Christ and His Word, we will most certainly be affected by the elites and the current administration pushing farther and farther to the ideological Left. They’ve dressed it up as being loving and allowing for trans people to have “equal rights.” But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. This goes beyond acceptance or tolerance. This is forced legislation of sexual perversion which attempts to destroy the traditional nuclear family and decimate religious liberty. We won’t be able to share Truth with those who are desperately in need of Christ without being lawfully prosecuted.

Wake up, people!

Wake up church! This is not a drill. We need all hands on deck. Talk to your kids about what is happening. Speak frankly. If you won’t explain what’s going on, they will get it from all the wrong places. And most importantly, teach your kids the Word. The Truth of Christ does not change with time or culture. God’s Word is true and good, always. As we move forward in this dystopian world we are living in, we will need to cling to it with all our strength.

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