Next book in the Green Ember series: Ember Falls

Here is the review for the next book in the Green Ember series that our 10 year old daughter read, Ember Falls. There’s a lot packed into the book, and lots of brave fighting for what’s right. Thankfully, our daughter really enjoyed this book as much as the first book, The Green Ember, as you will see below!

Here’s the short and concise review of Ember Falls:

I really like this entire series. I think they’re all about hope, justice, and fearlessness.

This book continues from the first book about the war between the rabbits versus the wolves and birds of prey. I love the action in the fights and the fearlessness to do anything. Smalls shows fearlessness when he risked his life to find his friends’, Picket and Heather’s, family from Morbin (Morbin is a bird of prey that captured them). He loved his friend Picket, who convinced him to go. He went and fought for their rescue.

There is also another rabbit, called Sween. She was a captive of Morbin and she worked in his castle. While there, she got information that she shared with the other captured rabbits.

The book has special chapters all about Sween and her life with Morbin. Like one chapter was talking about how she was thinking back on good memories. Some wolves caught her smiling and she forgot she wasn’t supposed to show happiness. The wolves were very serious so she got scared. Luckily, she did not get hurt.

The rabbits miss the Mended Wood, and hope to win it back from their enemies. The Mended Wood was a place where they once lived. But then Morbin and the wolves took over that space. It was all ashes and fire because their enemies destroyed all of the houses. That’s where the wolves and birds of prey went to live, so the bunnies have been trying to take it back for a long time.

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