Book review for “By The Great Horn Spoon”

Here’s another book review for the middle schooler in your life! By The Great Horn Spoon was quickly read by our 12 year old and she really enjoyed it! Check out her review below:

Book Review

The book By The Great Horn Spoon is an amazing, fun and educational book. This book was placed in the timeline of when the California gold rush was. The two main characters -Praiseworthy and Jack – are on an adventure to strike it rich and bring home gold. On this adventure, they meet new people, (some friends, some enemies,) find gold, solve a mystery and more!

My favorite part in this book was when Praiseworthy was boxing a man. I liked it because it was funny how the man Praiseworthy was fighting was much bigger and stronger that him, but Praiseworthy still won. Praiseworthy won by dodging all of the punches the other man threw, and then punching (not as strongly) back. This part was also cool because Praiseworthy learned how to do all of this from a book!

My favorite character was Praiseworthy. He is my favorite because he was always calm and smart. Praiseworthy could get out of any situation. He was also honest and kind. An example of his honesty is in the beginning of the book. Jack and Praiseworthy are about to buy their tickets and set off to California for the gold rush when someone steals all their money! They are forced to be stowaways and hide in potato barrels to be able to go to California. Once the boat leaves the dock, Jack and Praiseworthy go out into the open. Then they go to the captain and explain what happened. They agree to work for the captain to be able to pay for the tickets.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure or just to learn. I would read this book again whenever I would have the chance and would hope that whoever reads it feels the same! Now you know why this is such a great book. I hope that after reading this review you will want to read it.


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  1. Miece 10 months ago

    My grandchildren, 7 and 9, listened to ‘By The Great Horned Spoon’ on Audible and loved it.

    • Author
      Michelle Lazor 10 months ago

      That’s awesome! Audible is a great way to “read” books too!

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