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We’re excited to announce that we finally have online gift cards available!! They’re perfect to gift to those book lovers in your life! You can purchase them for various amounts too! Check them out!


And on a different note, so much has been happening in the news as of late. But one thing that sticks out to me is what happened recently in Ohio. I saw a video of people cheering the change in Ohio’s constitution to legalize baby murder up until birth. It was heartbreaking.


I also saw that there were people who had a display of pictures of what baby murder looks like via photos taken at Dr. Gosnell’s abortion office in the state of Ohio right before this vote was taken. If you aren’t familiar with Dr. Gosnell, you need to listen to THIS podcast which tells the entire story. Essentially, he was an abortion doctor who murdered babies up until and even after birth in a filthy clinic in Philadelphia. He had jars of what amounted to pickled babies’ feet as trophies of what he took part in. And that’s just one out of several things he did. But what’s insane is that he was initially investigated not for the illegal abortions that he performed, rather for the illegal drugs he was selling. He was making thousands of dollars selling these prescription drugs. Technically, the police had been investigating him for that. But when they entered his clinic, they realized there was a lot more to investigate than just selling drugs.

I heard the reaction of one couple who went through the display to see the pictures and shockingly enough, the woman said (I’m paraphrasing), “Wow. This is horrific. But I’ll still vote to keep abortion available.” Personal autonomy won over baby murder. Just so, so sad.

Apparently, that is how the majority of people in Ohio felt as well. Their choice to murder or not murder their baby trumped the right to life of that unborn child.

So what do we do? It all seems pretty hopeless doesn’t it?

Teach them while they’re young

But are we powerless to this thinking? I’d argue no, we’re not. Chiefly when we teach our children, especially when they’re young, the value of life and how human beings are made in the image of God.

I love how Pro-Life Kids addresses the issue of the sanctity of life! They don’t go into any gory or scary details. Instead, they focus on the beauty of life in all its forms. It’s such a great book!

There’s also Wonderfully Made! Another incredible book that details how even in the womb, babies are alive and growing, just as much as we are outside of the womb.

And of course, there’s a more recently published book, Crafted by God, that “..explore(s) the timeline of a baby’s development from fertilization to birth.”

We need our children to understand how precious and sacred life is before they’re even approached with the idea of a right to choose to abort a baby in the womb (or at the end of life, for that matter!). Those babies are the most vulnerable and marginalized in our society. Babies in the womb are alive and deserve a right to life. If our children don’t understand this fundamental concept, they will be lulled into believing the lie that their right to have a “choice” usurps that baby’s right to life.

I pray that the LORD forgives us for these atrocities happening against these smallest of image bearers in our country. And I pray that those who support this are convicted of their sin and repent. LORD we need Your grace and mercy, and wow do we need a huge spirit of repentance. But most of all I pray that we raise up a generation of children who love You and love Truth. Guide us as we guide them.


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