Book review for “In Grandma’s Attic” by our awesome 9-year-old

Here is the latest book review from our 4th grader! She’s not very verbose (haha!), however, I think this is a helpful take on a sweet book, In Grandma’s Attic:

I read “In Grandmas Attic.” I liked this book because I liked all the fun stories in the book. My favorite story was Chapter 10 “Nellie’s Trip To Town.” It was really funny to me (Nellie is their horse). I think Chapter 10 is funny because their neighbor’s grandpa took the wrong horse and buggy so Mable and her family were left worrying. Then the next day the neighbor gave back the horse and buggy because he knew that it was not their property.

I also really liked Chapter One, “Pride Goes Before A Fall.” It was about how Mable’s friend, Sarah Jane’s older cousin, had a hoop skirt that she grew out of and Mable and Sarah Jane wanted it. So Mable would go to Sarah Jane’s house early on a Sunday morning and they would put on the hoop skirts then go to church. When they did, they sat in the front row and their hoop skirts went up and the paster was looking weirdly at them. Then Mable’s mom took her out of church.

This book did not really teach me too much but it did say a lot of stuff of what happened on a farm a really long time ago and that was cool like how they had to use a horse and buggy and they had to walk to school every day. I really liked what that taught me. What I really liked is that each time she went to the attic or found something new or asked her grandma about almost anything there was a story to go with it. The book was really fun and silly.

I think you would like this book because their adventures were really fun like Chapter 3, “The Red Bonnet.” It was about how Mable (Arleta’s grandmother) fell out of their buggy while her family was coming home from a party.

I really recommend this book because it was really funny and it had really cool stories in this book.

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