Anyone else out there feeling frustrated, or is it me?

Does anyone else out there feel hopeless and frustrated? I know I do. There are, of course, the normal feelings of hopelessness at times. And frustration can dog us for a variety of reasons throughout our lives. But right now, these feelings seem so acute and accentuated.

I have to keep reminding myself that although these feelings may be quite normal, especially considering the circumstances we live in, they are nonetheless sins. A very convicting book I’ve read about this is Respectable Sins, by Jerry Bridges. God has this all under control, and as many have said before, although it feels as if the world is falling apart, the world is actually falling into place. God knows what He is doing, He is sovereign, and we must have faith that He is Who He said He is. No matter what it may look like.

But I’m still struggling.

The latest frustration

The latest frustration to me was the bomb that Whoopi Goldberg dropped on “The View.” It was reported everywhere how Goldberg stated that the Holocaust had nothing to do with race, but with “man’s inhumanity to man.” I mean, did she really say that? Fortunately, she said it on television so there’s no denying it.

The problem with this mindset may seem subtle or even insignificant, but it feeds right into the leftist ideology that everything is about skin color. All injustice stems from white, male oppressors making their demands on pretty much everyone else (i.e. the oppressed). Since Jews don’t fit that narrative because they’re considered “white,” then clearly the Holocaust couldn’t have been about race, but something else entirely (for an awesome, succinct analysis of the Whoopi situation, definitely check out the latest Cooper Stuff podcast!).

So here we have something that happened in history, analyzed through a secular worldview that lands on a completely “woke” interpretation. Despite the fact that there are many historical sources that speak to the Nazi’s wanting to purify the Aryan race, we are supposed to accept what Goldberg said as true or minimally not that big of a deal. It’s just semantics, apparently. We’re supposed to ignore the fact that the Nazi’s specifically set themselves against the Jews, going to the extreme of not considering them persons with a right to life. But we’re supposed to believe it, or at least entertain the idea, because an elite in the media said it.

Even more frustrations

Which leads me to another frustration which I’ve recently talked about – abortion. We’re supposed to believe that a kicking, squirming baby in the womb is just a clump of cells that is the equivalent of a tumor that we can excise at will. Really?

This from the same people who scream and yell about “follow the science.” They tell us in the same breath that men can be women and women can be men. And that now, we must refer to those that are carrying a baby in their WOMB as pregnant persons.

There’s just so much to be frustrated about, it can be overwhelming and maddening. What’s crazy is that I’m not even touching on masking or va((ines.

But then I’m reminded

But then I’m reminded. It’s as if the LORD taps me on the shoulder, or gently turns my head to look back at Him. So I reluctantly remind myself that although everything looks like it’s falling apart, it’s falling into place. Just as so many of those who have come before us have all thought everything was falling apart, somehow, the LORD showed up. Somehow, even in the darkness, He would make things turn out for His glory and our good (Rom 8:28).

We can do little to nothing to control what is going on around us. But what we can control is our reaction to it. Everything from history to science to reality itself is being attacked right now. Our best weapon against all of the madness is a relentless chasing after God. We need to seek out His wisdom which is clearly spelled out to us in the Word of God. And our second best weapon is educating ourselves in truth and facts.

A biblical worldview

When we put God first, we will know Who God is. And we will be able to embrace the fact that we can have faith in Him. We can understand and rightly interpret what is going on around us. We can look back at history, look at what is currently going on around us, as well as look into the future with peace when we have a biblical worldview.

There will always be those who twist and distort reality for their own gain and/or convenience. But as Believers, we can have hope despite what is going on around us. We never need to feel frustrated or hopeless. In the end, God wins.

In the mean time, we fight against all of the powers and principalities that stand against truth (Eph 6:12). The best way to do that is by educating ourselves and submitting to God’s good will. And that applies wherever He has placed us. I pray we can all do this, setting our eyes on Christ and walking boldly into every and any situation.

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