Ken & Mally Ham’s “A is for Adam” book review

I absolutely love Ken Ham, from Answers in Genesis. So I was thrilled to see that he and his wife had written a few children’s books. Of course, I have known about his Answers books for kids (we have several on the site!), but these series of books (A is for Adam, D is for Dinosaur, N is for Noah) looked a little different. I was intrigued!

The first thing I noticed when I opened up “A is for Adam” is that there was a LOT of information on every other page. Honestly, I was disappointed since I know that books with lots of words for young children very rarely work (believe me, I know – it helps when you’ve been through this 9 times!).

I was initially going to read this book to our 3 year old twins, so I was very apprehensive. However, I quickly realized I didn’t have to go through all of the information provided. On every other page, there is a cleverly and clearly written part (set to rhyme) which explains the Genesis account. As soon as I started reading, our twins really enjoyed it! They loved the colorful illustrations and of course, anything set to rhyme is much easier to pay attention to when you’re 3!

The other pages are much better suited to slightly older children, with whom you can have more interaction. There are lines to be repeated by your children to emphasize the respective lessons. There are also sections that suggest various activities that can be done. These pages are perfect to do with 5 – 8 year olds.

There are additional resources in the second half of the book as well. These pages are ideal for an upper elementary school or middle school student to go over. Included is an overview of the verses related to the letter specified (i.e. A is for Adam, B is for Bible, etc.), a directed discussion, and a few core truth takeaways.

This book has so much in it! It can be used for all your children, and can potentially be used for devotions for several years. I’m excited to say that I highly recommend this book!

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