More new MHM books, including The Tuttle Twins!

We’re so excited that we’ve added quite a few titles to our booklist this week! Definitely go and check them out! But for this week’s blog, I wanted to focus on “The Tuttle Twins.” I first heard about the Tuttle Twins on Facebook. I’m sure it was probably because of what posts I gravitated towards reading or the sites I was looking at. As we all know, FB is notorious for doing lots of not so great things (i.e. shadow-banning, fact checking, etc). But I do have to give them credit. I’m extremely glad they pointed me towards The Tuttle Twins.

I’ve had my kids look over the books, and they’ve all thoroughly enjoyed them! They’re short enough to read at one sitting as a read-aloud for the younger kids (1st -3rd grade), or by themselves for the olders (4th – 8th grade). The books go over concepts that can initially sound intimidating, but they break it down into a story form to make it much more easily understood.

The Law

For example, The Law is about “the principles of liberty and the proper role of government.” That may sound like intimidating material, but the Tuttle Twins walk through the concepts in a very simple way. They even address an important book called by the same title, “The Law” written by French political economist and classical liberal, Frederic Bastiat.

The Golden Rule

Another great Tuttle Twins book, “The Golden Rule” is about how we treat one another as we would like to be treated. What an important truth to be shared right now! A wonderful story of the likely consequences of selfish ambition and revenge.

Even more Tuttle Twin adventures!

In addition, we have “The Miraculous Pencil,” which is about the free market, and “The Search for Atlas,” which is about the slippery slope of socialism.

We’re so excited to have these books to share with everyone! All families should have these books on their shelves. They each contain practical knowledge that is so important to know and understand. Please check them out and order some today!

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